We waited 3 months into wedding planning to hire Lia. Biggest mistake EVER! I would have hired her the day after we got engaged if I would have known how amazing she is. Since day one, Lia was absolutely perfect. She was so helpful, organized, and knowledgeable that it blew us away! I knew right after meeting her that she would be the perfect fit to help us create our perfect day and accommodate our destination wedding.She went out of her way to immediately start researching vendors in the San Diego Area, even offering vendor suggestions from here in Vegas that were all amazing. I could text Lia at 10 pm and she would immediately reply whether it was to offer advice, answer a question or just calm me down.
Lia was so prompt and on the ball with every single vendor, she made us feel like we were in the best hands throughout the whole process. She also helped keep me on track with making decisions and helping offer new ideas if I was unsure about something. This made the whole week before the wedding basically a breeze! I was totally calm on my wedding day knowing that Lia had everything handled. Lia, you were a total dream to work with, and we are so lucky to have gained you as a friend throughout this process!
— Danielle + Jake
We hired Lia for her full planning and design services and we are so thankful that we did! From the initial planning meeting, Lia gave us recommendations on vendors to use as well as design ideas to incorporate on our wedding day. Throughout the entire planning process she was very organized, responsive, and detail oriented. I loved how she was always available to answer any questions that I had or to bounce ideas off of. One of the things that I appreciated about Lia was how she always kept us on track with booking vendors and making decisions. The weeks leading up to our wedding, we didn’t need to worry about a thing! Lia was proactive in reaching out to our vendors, creating a detailed timeline, and checking in with us. The day of our wedding could not have gone better! Lia was fantastic in executing the design elements and we were stress free knowing Lia was there to handle everything. After the wedding, our family and friends could not stop talking about how beautiful the weekend was. We are so appreciative of her and recommend her to any bride-to-be! Thank you Lia!
— Ashley + Ryan
Fj and I are so thankful for Lia!! We initially were not going to hire a planner, but we are so happy we hired her for our wedding! She was very helpful by connecting us with vendors as well as contacting vendors on our behalf, keeping us on track, creating a very detailed timeline for the day of, and suggesting ideas that were unique to us and our love story. She is very organized, responsive, and attentive to detail. She is easygoing and sweet, she made wedding planning and the day of our wedding so much more fun and stress-free! Because of her, she helped our vision come to life and so much more. Thank you, Lia!! You have exceeded our expectations and are so good at what you do, we could not have done it without you! You are the best!
— Mishey + FJ
Lia and her assistant Hannah were the best decision I made for my wedding, aside from marrying my best friend! From day one up until months after the wedding Lia has gone over and beyond with helping me. After the wedding you ask?! A lot of brides don’t think about this stuff often, but a lot of companies reach out for submissions to magazines, social media reposts etc... Lia has been soooo helpful with helping me prepare everything and make sure our wedding is represented in the right hands. She cares and it shows. From helping me filter through all of the wedding venues to all of the decor details, emails, vendors, etc. she held my hand and guided me safely through the whole jumbo jambo. She’s passionate, efficient, professional, organized, and great at her job. I couldn’t have done it without her!
— Baylee + Ronnie
I was unsure how to find a wedding planner that would be able to make sure each of the details I carefully picked out were implemented on the day of my wedding. I decided to meet with Lia and take a chance on an up and coming wedding planner. From the minute I meet up with Lia I knew that she was everything I was looking for in a wedding planner and more. She was there to not only answer each and every one of my questions but she responded promptly and with valuable information. In addition, she made sure that I had not forgotten any details and suggested fresh and fun ideas to add. On the day of my wedding, Lia went above and beyond to make sure each and every detail was setup just as I planned it. Lia was organized, professional, thorough, and flawless. Kevin and I’s day was perfect and seamless, thanks to Lia. I could not imagine finding a more perfect day of planner to be a part of my wedding day.
— Taylor + Kevin
We are so very grateful that we had Lia for our Day Of Coordinator for our wedding last March. She helped us a lot throughout the process by constantly checking in to make sure that we were on track and not missing anything. She helped with a lot of little details that would have normally been overlooked by myself just from never having planned a wedding before. She coordinated with all of our vendors to make sure that the timeline was perfect. The day of the wedding was executed perfectly by her and her assistant. If there were any hiccups she handled them quickly and efficiently. I didn’t have to worry about anything the day of besides getting ready and being with our friends and family. The decor in our reception was beautiful thanks to her and we received a ton of compliments on how beautifully everything was setup. Thank you so much, Lia! It truly would not have been the same without you.
— Stephanie + Garrett
I can’t even begin to put into words how amazing Lia was throughout our entire wedding planning process. I am SO glad that we hired her for month of coordination- she made everything fun, easy, and enjoyable. From the very start, she was so helpful and attentive. From providing us with some of the most amazing vendors to the day of our wedding, Lia helped make our day exactly what we had always envisioned. In the months leading up to our wedding, she made sure we were on track with our to do list and she put our minds at ease that everything would be perfect. The day of our wedding was absolute perfection because Lia had everything handled and organized. From start to end, we never had to worry about anything. When we first walked into the ballroom, I was amazed that everything was exactly as I had always imagined. We truly could not have done it without her! Her attention to detail was impeccable. I am so grateful for Lia and everything she did for us and our wedding - the best day of our lives!
— Katie + Tim
Lia is absolutely AMAZING! From the first meeting my husband and I had with her, I knew she would be our wedding planner. When we started the planning process we instantly got extremely overwhelmed and didn’t know what our next steps were and Lia was our saving grace. We hired her for partial planning but she was by my side and helped guide me every step of the way that’s when I knew she was not only our wedding planner but she would be a life long friend. She is one of the most organized and detailed oriented planners I have ever met and that is exactly what we needed! I never realized how many little details there are when planning a wedding and I knew I could count on Lia to make sure we got them all. The day of our wedding was so stress free we really got to enjoy every second of it, our wedding was an absolute dream and I owe it all to her. My husband and I swear that Lia was the best decision we made when it came to our wedding, I am forever thankful that I was lucky enough to have Lia plan the best day of my life.
— Ashley + Brandan
I don’t know what we would have done without hiring Lia to be our wedding planner. We had a very specific, very grand vision, and she made it all come to life. She was at every meeting, handled all emails, made sure we hit deadlines, and was a go-to for all of our vendors. Any problem we ran into, she was ready with immediate solutions. The timeline she created for the day’s events was impressive- it was so detailed! Every one of our guests said it was the best wedding / party they have been to and that is truly a direct reflection of all of Lia’s efforts.
— Ashley + Samuel
When James and I decided to hire Lia as our wedding planner we really didn’t know what to expect but she went above and beyond our expectations. She made sure we hit every deadline, she gave her opinion when needed and most importantly she became our very best friend through the entire process. She stayed on budget and treated our money as it was her own. She made us feel she was planning her own wedding and we weren’t just another client. Planning a wedding is hard and it truly causes so much stress to a relationship. Lia stepped in when we needed her and made it her mission to make sure James and I never felt overwhelmed. We can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for us. From coming over to my house for 5+ hours to help with my stationary (multiple times) to quick phone calls pumping me up, Lia really was my angel through this 9 month process of planning my fairytale ending. I couldn’t imagine having a wedding without Lia. Her attention to detail is like something I’ve never seen before. She gets the job done right the first time. Having Lia as our wedding planner really took all of the chaos and headaches away from planning everything and allowed James and I to relax and enjoy the process. You would be silly not to hire Lia, trust me. I couldn’t be any happier than I was the day I said “I do.” Lia made my dreams come true, and I know she can do the same for you
— Kayla + James
I do not know what we would have done without Lia. I had absolutely no idea how overwhelming the whole wedding planning process was until I was actually in it. About three months into planning I decided to reach out to Lia and since then she has been 100% there for us… from the very first consultation to even our big day! Her attention to detail, organization, and management made our planning timeline go as smooth as possible. Lia was there for every meltdown before the meltdown even started, she was checking things off the list before they were even on my radar and she stayed on top of every little detail before anything had the chance to slip through the cracks. On top of all of that, I became so ill the week of our wedding and was not able to get out of bed and Lia literally took care of everything from then on. Because of her, I woke up on the wedding day feeling calm, relaxed, and was actually able to enjoy the day. I am SO incredibly grateful for her. Honestly, there are not enough great things to say about her. I would highly recommend anyone planning a wedding to go to Lia!!! You would not regret it!!!
— Sarena + Edmond
I am not quite sure what we would have done without Lia during our wedding process. She made the process so much more enjoyable for us. When I started planning I had no idea where to start. Lia was so organized. She planned out each month leading up to the wedding. She had a timeline and everything mapped out perfectly. Lia listened to all of my visions and made them come to life. This took so much stress away from me. She was in constant contact with each of the our vendors. The day of the wedding was perfect. She had a very detailed timeline of the day ensuring the day went very smoothly so we could enjoy our day. I am so thankful we had Lia! There was no way we could have done it without her!
— Sabrina + Jason
Lia was our coordinator for our wedding and she was nothing short of amazing! She went above and beyond to make sure everything that day was perfect! She thought of every small detail I would’ve otherwise forgotten, planning is not my thing and she filled in every gap I was missing, it was so nice to have her available to ask her anything I wasn’t sure about. I completely trusted her the day of to capture the look I was going for and for good reason, because everything turned out beautiful! She was able to coordinate a timeline with all of my vendors so everyone knew what time to be at the venue and what was going where! It was so nice to not have to stress about a single thing on my wedding and just enjoy the day getting ready with my bridal party! So thankful for her! Thank you Lia!
— Cayla + Brandan
Lia’s attention to detail is beyond impressive! She planned my baby shower hosted in my personal home, which would have been difficult for someone without extensive experience. But Lia made it seem effortless and it far exceeded my expectations. The entire event was stunning! The vendors she chose were very kind and respectful of my home, and she planned it so I could enjoy the shower, worry-free. This was a small event but she spent an incredible amount of time making it special. I have no doubt of Lia’s ability to plan any event, small or large, and that she will treat all of her clients equally as she gives 110% effort to making sure her clients are happy!
— Sarah + Jacob
Planning my son’s birthday party became quite overwhelming and the first person I thought of to help me was Lia. We had several mutual friends and knew she was the perfect person.
For our Kidchella first birthday party, I had several elements all worked out, but needed creative and outside the box ideas. That’s where Lia stepped in and really helped me with both creativity and saving money!
Not only was she always there to help with my random questions or ideas, but she just had a baby too! About 10 days before the party her little guy came into the world (early) and I really didn’t expect her to be there. To say she is dedicated to her job is an understatement!
Even though I won’t need her for wedding planning, I will definitely use her again for whatever parties we may have. I included how much Lia helped on my blog too. She’s the best and I highly recommend working with her!
— Bri Steck
Lia and I Do Details was the perfect choice for my son’s Bar Mitzvah. She was perfect in executing our vision for the room, easy to work with, helped me secure the photographer and was so much fun. The next event I plan she will be my first phone call. You won’t be sorry you invested in her service. She nails it.
— Jennifer Berelowitz

Lia was absolutely incredible to work with. I couldn’t imagine our wedding day without her. I never once had to stress about any of the details knowing I had her by my side. We ended up having to make several changes last minute; However, I never felt overwhelmed because she had it already taken care of before I could even start worrying. I had a very specific vision for the wedding and she made that vision come to life. She was not only our wedding planner, but a friend from day one. She always had our best interests in mind ad regardless what decision we had to make we knew we could trust her expertise. I highly recommend hiring Lia as your wedding planner; We got to enjoy the happiest day of our lives stress-free.
— Dajana + Tomo
I don’t even know where to begin! Hiring Lia was by far the best decision we made about the wedding. I was so nervous about how everything was going to look with out me doing it, since I am a control freak... our wedding day was beyond perfect. It was so beautiful. Lia did an amazing job at making my visions come to life. She will help you every step of the way and answer any silly little question that may come to your mind. Thank you so much Lia for our perfect wedding day!
— Jessie + Nick
I don’t even want to imagine what my wedding would have been without Lia! I am so thankful that I hired her to pull off such a miraculous wedding day for us. Like many brides, I was pretty clueless about the logistics of wedding planning from the beginning. Thankfully I had Lia to not only consult me throughout the process but to give me every cute idea. She responded quickly to every question I had, is prompt and has the best eye for design, which is what makes her company stand out from the rest. All of my guests commented on how professional and amazing she was. Wedding guests want to be told what to do- and I also found out that I wanted to be told what to do on my wedding day, too! I am so glad she was there to take charge and make the day magical. She did a wonderful job consulting, planning and coordinating and gave me so much peace of mind throughout the few months leading up and on my wedding day. John and I can’t thank her enough!
— Paige + John
Lia was amazing with seeing my vision & being able to execute it on the day of the wedding. Anytime I had a random question or needed someone’s opinion- she was always a quick text away. Definitely crucial having someone like this in your corner when you are getting married. Especially because most people haven’t gone through this process before. She’ll either hold your hand the whole way, or just provide you training wheels. All depending on what YOU want/need from a wedding planner.
— Ayla + Carlos
Lia with I Do Details was an integral part of our wedding day success. We planned our wedding from afar which added an additional stress to an already heightened experience- After all, you want your day to be perfect. Not being in the city we were getting married in didn’t matter because Lia was able to help. She went above and beyond to ease our (mostly my) nerves, help provide guidance, advice and ideas when it was needed most. Her follow up was respectful. She kept us on track. Her persistent approach coupled with her caring personality made it easy to work with her. Her extra attention to detail models the values she has created within her company. I would recommend her to any bride. We are grateful to have had her support on one of the most important days and experiences of our lives.
— Malea + Ricky
Choosing Lia as our day of coordinator was the best decision we made in the entire planning process of our wedding. From the initial consultation, Lia understood what we wanted for our big day and gave us the confidence in her to make it happen! Every step of the way she was there offering support, guidance and advice! She constantly went out of her way to be a listening ear 24/7 when I needed her and came up with solutions to any obstacle we faced. Our wedding went PERFECTLY!! Lia coordinated and kept the night running so smoothly where my husband and I only had to worry about enjoying the night with our friends and family! Best decision was you Lia, thank you for everything!
— Lauren + Kenneth